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Tamtero 20mg (Tamoxifen)

Tamtero 20mg (Tamoxifen)
Hetero Drugs Ltd.

Tamtero 20mg is a group of cancer-fighting regimens known as antineoplastic, and especially to the type of antineoplastic known as antiestrogens. It is required in combination with other medications to treat early breast cancer.

Действующее вещество: Tamoxifen
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Tamtero is a group of cancer-fighting regimens known as antineoplastic, and especially to the type of antineoplastic known as antiestrogens. It is required in combination with other medications to treat early breast cancer.
Tamtero is a prescription drug provide only with guidance of medical oncologist.


Tamtero is indicated for the treatment of early breast cancer in women whose been treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
Tamtero is indicated to reduce the risk of development of a more serious type of breast cancer in women who had breast cancer which will not spread outside the milk duct.


Tamoxifen fights certain types of breast cancer, Knowns as hormone responsive or estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, by stopping the effects of the hormone estrogen in the body. This inhibits the development of the kinds of breast cancer cells which needed estrogen for growth and survival. It is also required to treat breast cancer that is advanced or has spread to other parts of the body.


High plasma concentration is 40mg/ml and Tmax is 5 hours after dosing.
Tamtero metabolized in hepatic
Route of elimination is fecal about 30% and 65% was excreted from the body
Half life is 5 to 7 days


Regular adult dose for :
Breast cancer: 20 to 40mg for 5 years daily administer orally; doses > 20mg given by dividing dose (morning and evening) DCIS followed by surgery and radiation on breast
20mg 5 years daily given orally
To decrease the action of breast cancer in women at increased risk for breast cancer
20mg 5 years daily given orally
Used in adult dose for adjuvant breast cancer
20mg OD orally or 10mg twice daily orally
Duration: 5 years
Pediatric dose for :
McCune- Albright syndrome (girls 2 to 10 years) – 20mg once daily via oral route; duration up to 12 months Precocious Puberty (girls 2 to 10 years) – 20mg once daily via oral route; duration up to 12 months.
Acute overdose is not reported in humans, in animals If given high dose then results in respiratory difficulties and convulsions and in human unsteady gait, acute neurotoxicity manifested by tremor, hyperreflexia, and dizziness was reported. There is no specific treatment for overdose. Hence provide symptomatic supportive measures for the patients


Hepatic cancer and variation in liver enzyme levels resulted with use; on rare occasions, a spectrum of more serious liver abnormalities containing fatty liver, cholestasis, hepatitis and hepatic necrosis, which have contained fatalities, also occurred; check liver function periodically.
It’s not known whether an increased risk for other (non-uterine) cancers is along with Tamtero 10mg
Hypercalcemia resulted in some breast cancer patients with bone metastases within a few weeks of initiating treatment; if hypercalcemia resulted, treat as appropriate; if hypercalcemia is serious, stop therapy
CYP2D6 polymorphism-CYP2D6 converts Tamtero to active metabolite endoxifen; reduced CYP2D6 activity or concomitant CYP2D6 inhibitors may decrease Tamtero efficacy


Common Side Effect :
• High tumor pain
• Tumor site forming reddening
• Hot flashes
• Dizziness
• Hair thinning
• Weight loss
• Stomach pains
• Sexual ability lost.
Some side effects may be serious as follows, immediately inform the doctor :
• Decreased appetite
• Vision problems
• Fever
• Blisters
• Thirst
• muscle weakness
• restlessness
• abscess on the eyes, face, lips, tongue, throat, ankles or lower legs


When Tamtero concomitant use with coumarin type anticoagulants combination will leads to increase in anticoagulant effects may occur.

Bromocriptine continues treatment with Tamtero will increase serum Tamtero and N-dimethyl tamoxifen.


Tamtero is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to the drug or its any ingredients

Tamtero is contraindicated in women who needed continues coumarin- type anticoagulant treatment

Tamtero is also contraindicated in women with deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus history.


Category D: Tamtero while administrating to pregnant women will cause harm to fetal. Women are advised to discontinue the drug within 2 months and not become pregnant while taking Tamtero. And If sexually active then should use nonhormonal contraceptive measures.


Keep away from children
Do not freeze
Keep the drug in a closed container at room temperature.


Take the dose immediately before next dose duration
Next dose time reaches then left off the missed dose and continues regular schedule.
Avoid taking double dose at same time.
Please consult the doctor for further information.

Tamtero 20mg (Tamoxifen)
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