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Free Hepatitis C Treatment

Free Hepatitis C Treatment


Almost all patients with hepatitis C are concerned about the cost of therapy. Most patients are confused by the high price of drugs. 

There are several federal programs that offer free treatment for hepatitis C. Participation in them requires compliance with a number of conditions.

Who can get free treatment

The following persons have the right to free hepatitis C therapy under the state program:

  1. Poor people . It is necessary to provide documents that confirm the level of income.
  2. Disabled people .
  3. Participants in the hostilities .
  4. Former drug addicts who no longer use drugs. First of all, those who used injecting drugs.
  5. Patients with high viral load and HIV , severe liver fibrosis. Simply put, the more affected the body, the higher the chances of free therapy from the state.

In addition to government programs, there are a number of regional programs that are even more difficult to get into. Higher chances in patients:

  • between the ages of 18 and 65 ;
  • with liver fibrosis of grade 2 or higher;
  • without depression and severe mental illness.

In addition, the patient should not have serious contraindications. Pregnant women also do not participate in regional programs.

How to get free treatment

The first step is to visit an infectious disease doctor at the local polyclinic. After examining the results, the doctor will refer the patient to a hepatologist.

The hepatologist will prescribe additional diagnostics and give an opinion on the right to participate in the state program. Even if, according to the doctor, the chance of getting a quota is minimal, you shouldn't give up. This means that the disease has not yet become severe, and it is quite possible to completely get rid of the virus.

Other ways to get free treatment

If you refuse to participate in the federal program, you can take a course of treatment in the framework of laboratory tests, where participants receive all drugs for hepatitis C free of charge. Experts carefully select participants and take into account not only the genotype of hepatitis C and the patient's history, but also his gender, age, habits, pregnancy, etc.

Also in Russia there are many special funds that collect money for the purchase of medicines for hepatitis C. Members of such organizations donate the collected funds to patients to buy the necessary medicines.

In a number of regions, the authorities organize free hepatitis C therapy. As a result, patients can receive funds to buy drugs for compulsory medical insurance.

Patients who did not get into the program the first time can be re-examined with the help of special services. In addition, you can write to the Presidential Administration, health authorities, the prosecutor's office, the branch of the OMSYU. However, as a rule, going through the courts leads to the loss of precious time, which is necessary for treatment.

Disadvantages of free treatment

Government programs have a number of shortcomings. First of all, the patient must collect a lot of documents, and then wait for his turn to receive benefits. During this time, the disease can become severe, which will lead to irreversible consequences.

In Russia, patients with hepatitis C are usually prescribed interferon therapy. This is a long course of treatment that does not always bring results. Treatment with interferons and ribavirin does not completely eliminate the virus. According to studies, only 50% of patients achieved a positive result.

Doctors from many countries have not used these drugs for a long time. Back in 2016, the World Health Organization called for the exclusion of interferons from the hepatitis C treatment regimen in favor of direct-acting antiviral drugs. 

In addition, interferon therapy often causes side effects: nausea, depression and depression, headaches, hair loss.

Modern treatment of hepatitis C

Several years ago, pharmaceutical scientists created an anti-hepatitis C drug called sofosbuvir. 95% of patients who took this medicine completely got rid of the virus. The medication is available in pill form, so it can be taken even at home. Thanks to sofosbuvir, hepatitis C is no longer an incurable disease.

In addition, sofosbuvir has several benefits:

  • short course of treatment - about 3 months ;
  • the drug acts only on the virus and does not have a negative effect on the body ;
  • side effects are rare ;
  • convenient dosage regimen - 1 tablet per day .

Sofosbuvir is effective against hepatitis C of all genotypes. The drug is prescribed in combination with other antiviral agents - ribavirin, velpatasvir, ledipasvir and daclatasvir.

Sofosbuvir has a significant disadvantage - high cost. But Indian pharmacists offered an alternative - they launched the production of generics. These are full analogs of the original drugs, which are produced under license from the owner of the patent - the Giled company. Generic drugs are just as effective as the original drugs, but are significantly less expensive.

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