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Eltrombopag Olamine


Salt Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine is indicated for the treatment of Chronic immune thrombocytopenia, Splenectomy, Increased platelet count in people with hepatitis C, Aplastic anemia and other conditions.
Detailed information on the use, side effects, interactions, contraindications and reviews of Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine is presented below:


Eltrombopag Olamine is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms:
  • Chronic immune thrombocytopenia
  • Splenectomy
  • Increased platelet count in people with hepatitis C
  • Aplastic anemia

Side effects

Below is a list of possible side effects that can be caused by drugs containing Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine. This list is not final. These side effects have been reported earlier, but are not always recorded when using the drug. Some of these side effects can be extremely rare, but have incredibly severe consequences. If you find any side effects, contact your doctor immediately. Especially in the case of observing side effects for a long time.
  • Backache
  • Muscle pain or cramps
  • Pain or numbness in the arms, legs, arms, or legs
  • Chills
  • Body aches
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Weakness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Pain or swelling in the mouth and throat
  • Difficulty falling asleep or sleeping
  • Hair loss
  • Difficulty, urgent, or painful urination
  • Rash
If you encounter side effects not listed above, contact your healthcare professional for advice. Alternatively, you can report side effects you find to your local Food and Drug Administration.

Precautionary measures

Before taking this drug, tell your doctor about any medications you are using, food supplements (such as vitamins, natural supplements, etc.), allergies, existing medical conditions, and current health conditions (such as pregnancy, surgery, etc.). The side effects of the drug can be more pronounced depending on the condition of your body. Take this medicine as directed by your doctor or follow the directions for use that came with the medicine. The dosage of the drug depends on your condition. Tell your doctor if there is no change or worsening of your condition. Important points to discuss with your healthcare provider are listed below.
  • Activities that can lead to injury and bleeding
  • Breast-feeding
  • Plan to get pregnant
  • Dentistry
  • pregnant


If you take other drugs or supplements at the same time as this drug, the effectiveness of Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine may change. Tell your healthcare provider about all drugs, vitamins, and supplements you use. Your doctor will be able to make the right dosing plan to avoid negative interactions. Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine may interact with the following drugs and products:
  • Atorvastatin
  • Bosentan
  • Ezetimibe
  • Fluvastatin
  • Glyburide
  • Imatinib
  • Irinotecan
  • Lapatinib
  • Methotrexate
  • Mitoxantrone
Hypersensitivity to Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine is a contraindication. In addition, Eltrombopag Olamine should not be used if you have the following conditions:
  • hypersensitivity

Frequently asked Questions

  • Is it safe to drive or operate heavy machinery while using this product?
    If you experience drowsiness, dizziness, hypotension, or headache while taking Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine, then you may need to stop driving and heavy industrial equipment. You should stop driving if taking the drug makes you drowsy, dizzy, or hypotensive. Doctors recommend that you stop drinking alcohol with such drugs, because alcohol significantly increases side effects and drowsiness. Please check your body's response while taking Eltrombopag Olamine. Be sure to contact your healthcare professional for advice based on your body and overall health.
  • Is this medication (product) addictive or addictive?
    Most drugs are not addictive or addictive. In most cases, the government classifies drugs that can be addictive as controlled dispensing drugs. For example, the H or X chart in India and the II-V chart in the USA. Please review the information on the drug packaging to make sure this drug is not a controlled drug. Also, do not self-medicate or train your body to medication without consulting your healthcare professional.
  • Can I stop using this product immediately or do I need to slowly withdraw from its use?
    Some medications need to be stopped gradually because of the recovery effect. Be sure to contact your healthcare professional for advice based on your body, general health, and other medications you are taking.

Other important information on Eltrombopag Olamine

Irregular use

If you miss your next medication, take it as soon as possible. If your next appointment is approaching, you can skip the previous appointment and continue following your usual medication schedule. Do not take an extra dose of the drug to make up for the missed appointment. If you encounter this situation on a regular basis, consider setting up reminders or asking a family member to keep track of the schedule. Be sure to contact your doctor to adjust the schedule to compensate for the missed medication intake (in case you missed a significant number of days).

Overdose of Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose. Overuse of the drug will not relieve your condition, and it can also cause poisoning and serious side effects. If you know of an overdose of Eltrombopag Olamine, contact the emergency services, nearest hospital or hospital. Be sure to bring the package, container or name of the drug with you to facilitate diagnosis.
  • Do not pass your medications on to other people, even if they are in the same condition as you, or it seems to you that your conditions have a number of similar symptoms, because this can lead to overdose.
  • Please consult your healthcare professional or pharmacist, and also read the information on the product packaging.

Storage of Eltrombopag Olamine

  • Store drugs at room temperature, in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze preparations if such a requirement is expressly absent in the instructions. Keep medicines away from animals and children.
  • Do not flush drugs into the toilet or drainage systems unless such a requirement is expressly specified in the instructions. Medicines disposed of in this way can cause significant damage to the environment. Please contact your doctor or pharmacist for more information on how to discard Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine.

Expired Eltrombopag Olamine

  • Taking a single dose of expired Eltrombopag Olamine / Eltrombopag Olamine is unlikely to produce an adverse event. Be sure to seek the advice of your healthcare professional if you feel faint or sore. In addition, an expired drug may lose its effectiveness in fighting your disease. To ensure your own safety, it is extremely important to stop taking medicines that have expired. If you have a medical condition that requires constant medication (heart disease, seizures, life-threatening allergic reactions), you need to establish a reliable channel of communication with your drug supplier to ensure that you have a stock of fresh medicines with a normal shelf life at all times.

Dosage information

Please consult your healthcare professional or pharmacist, and also read the information on the product packaging.
Eltrombopag Uses, side effects and medications, cost, price Eltrombopag.
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