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Ritocom (Lopinavir & Ritonavir)

Ritocom (Lopinavir & Ritonavir)

The Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero manufactures the antiretroviral drug Ritocom, based on 200 mg Lopinavir and 50 mg Ritonavir. 

Brand name:
Active substance:
Lopinavir 200mg
Hetero Healthcare Ltd
30 Tablets
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Active substance: Lopinavir & Ritonavir
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The Indian pharmaceutical company Hetero manufactures the antiretroviral drug Ritocom, based on 200 mg Lopinavir and 50 mg Ritonavir. This combination of active substances does an excellent job of preventing the development and spread of the human immunodeficiency virus. This drug is a quality generic German Kaletra (Kaletra) from AbbVie Deutschland.

Its effectiveness is due to the property of lopinavir to block HIV protease. And ritonavir, in turn, is able to increase the concentration of lopinavir in the blood by inhibiting its metabolism in the patient's liver. Thus, the virus, being immature, becomes incapable of infecting the surrounding people. And it makes the HIV carrier a safe and full member of society.

Features of the Ritocom application

The instructions for use for Ritocom indicate that it should be taken twice a day, 2 tablets. If mutations in the virus have been identified that have led to resistance to lopinavir, the drug should be taken 4 tablets once a day. The daily dose of the drug should not exceed the dosage of 800mg / 200mg lopinavir / ritonavir. One package of the drug contains 30 tablets. There is no dependence on food intake when using this drug.

This drug has some side effects. The most common ones are:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • hypertriglyceridemia;
  • hypercholesterolemia.

Sometimes allergic rashes, pain in bones and muscles, anemia, dizziness are also possible. In some cases, erectile dysfunction, weakness, and upper respiratory tract infections have been observed.

There are some contraindications to taking this drug:

  • Intolerance to one or more active substances.
  • Children under 3 years old. In this case, younger children need to use a different form of the drug.
  • Severe liver failure.
  • Simultaneous administration of drugs based on St. John's wort and boceprevir.
  • Simultaneous administration of drugs with a clearance metabolically dependent on the CYP3A isoenzyme.
  • Simultaneous reception with rifampicin and tipranavir.

There is an opportunity to buy Ritocom in our online pharmacy. We also offer a convenient home delivery service. Patients with viral hepatitis B and C should carefully monitor their condition when using this drug. The same applies to people with heart disease, hemophilia, pancreatitis, and dyslipidemia. Before purchasing the drug, it is recommended to consult a specialized specialist.

Brand name
Active substance
Lopinavir 200mg
Hetero Healthcare Ltd
30 Tablets
Product form
Ritocom (Lopinavir & Ritonavir)
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