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Indian generics for hepatitis C

Indian generics for hepatitis C
  1. Anti-hepatitis generics: what they are
  2. Classification of anti-hepatitis generics
  3. Benefits of generics from India
  4. Interferon-free therapy regimens
  5. What is the likelihood of relapse

Indian anti-hepatitis generics are unique medicines that are exactly the same as American medicines. Pharmaceutical companies in India manufacture generics under strict official license.

Anti-hepatitis generics: what they are

Generics are copies of drugs that are designed to fight the hepatitis C virus and contain the same amount of active ingredient as the original drugs. Generics are sold either under an international non-proprietary name or under a different proprietary name. The production of such medicines is carried out under strict control.

Classification of anti-hepatitis generics

Russian patients diagnosed with hepatitis C can buy the following medicines:

  1. Sofosbuvir. This drug is effective against the hepatitis virus of all genotypes and does not cause severe adverse reactions. Experts recommend combining sofosbuvir with another drug, daclatasvir. The drug is available in tablet form. The standard course of therapy lasts from 3 to 6 months. It is prohibited to interrupt the treatment.
  2. Daclatasvir. This remedy is not used for monotherapy, it must be taken in combination with other medicines. The daclatasvir + sophosbuvir regimen is considered the most effective (95%). Indian pills can cause side reactions - headache, increased anxiety, indigestion. However, according to patients' reviews, they rarely encounter such phenomena.
  3. Velpatasvir. This medication is used in the treatment of hepatitis of any genotype. When fighting the virus of genotypes 1, 2 and 4, the effectiveness of therapy reaches 100%, in the treatment of hepatitis 3 genotype - 98%. Velpatasvir in combination with sofosbuvir is prescribed for patients suffering from cirrhosis. The list of contraindications to the use of velpatasvir includes pregnancy and age under 18 years of age.
  4. Ledipasvir. Ledipasvir is used to treat hepatitis 1 and 4 genotypes. This medication is not suitable for use by pregnant women, people with liver and kidney diseases, or patients who are allergic to medicines.

Experts strongly recommend not to take medication at your own discretion and not to self-medicate. Any generic drug should be prescribed by a doctor who will take into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Benefits of generics from India

Why modern Indian generics are in demand all over the world:

  • With the help of medicines from India, it is possible to achieve the desired result within 12-24 weeks. The outdated interferon and ribavirin regimen requires more than 12 months of medication.
  • The effectiveness of treatment is 90-99% (depending on the course of the disease).
  • Generics do not have a negative effect on the human body.
  • Indian medicines help even those patients whose condition is aggravated by cancer, cirrhosis or HIV infection.
  • If the recommended dosage is observed, drug intoxication is excluded.

In addition to the above, generics are much cheaper than original drugs.

Interferon-free therapy regimens

Hepatitis C can be treated only under the constant supervision of a hepatologist or infectious disease specialist. Specialists prescribe generics to patients whose previous treatment with ribavirin or interferon has been unsuccessful. Also, generics are prescribed for direct indications.

Treatment regimen


Duration of the course

Sofosbuvir + ladypasvir1, 4, 5, 612 weeks without ribavirin or 24 weeks with this drug
Sofosbuvir + velpatasvirEverything12 or 24 weeks with or without ribavirin
Sofosbuvir + daclatasvirEverything12 or 24 weeks with or without ribavirin

The use of medication is not related to food intake. The tablets are drunk every day at the same time to maintain the required concentration of active ingredients.

The therapy regimen is supplemented with choleretic agents that enhance the secretory activity of the liver. Thus, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is normalized and the intoxication of the body with the decay products of drugs is excluded.

What is the likelihood of relapse

Recovery when using generics occurs in 97-100% of cases. After using new generation products, the probability of a return of the disease is only 3%. Relapses are more common with interferon and ribavirin than with direct-acting anti-hepatitis drugs.

As a rule, the return of the disease after the use of sofosbuvir is associated with the presence of concomitant pathologies.

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